International Indology Research Symposium - 5th Edition (IIGRS5)

FNO 02/ 40-46

The purpose of the conference is to bring together graduate students working with primary sources in Indology so that they can build contacts and present, discuss and publish their research. Since such opportunities are largely lacking for fledging studies of Indology, the first symposium organized in 2009 was inspired by a wish to provide a public platform for graduate and post-graduate students in a co-operative and encouraging atmosphere. Since 2009, IIGRS has become an annual event with increasing participation and scholarly recognition held in universities across Europe: Cambridge, Paris and Edinburgh. Organizing the fifth venue of IIGRS at the Ruhr University Bochum in Germany will not only strengthen and broaden the international network of graduates in Indology, but also make the Ruhr University Bochum a significant actor of this international network.
The subject matter of the papers presented may be any Classical Indological topic, provided they are based on primary sources studied in the original language. The programs of previous editions have counted papers on topics concerning classical Indian civilization such as its literature, rituals, religion, philosophy, grammar, science and social history or archaeology and art history on the basis of texts in the original language.

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