Religious Conversions between Asia and Europe

A Semiotic, Historical,and Digital Approach to Religious Contacts

This proposed research project is part of a larger ethnographic project on recent so-called mass conversions of Iranian refugees to Christianity in Germany. This research started with a preliminary ethnography during Stadlbauer’s tenure as a KHK fellow at CERES from October 2017 through January 2018. It will continue with a (planned) three-year DFG project, which will be submitted in February 2019 and has the goal of establishing a typology of these conversions. For the six-month period as a KHK fellow, Stadlbauer proposes to conduct a methodological, theoretical, and historical investigation of religious conversions during migration between Asia and Europe, which will give her future research substantial theoretical and methodological grounding.

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Foto von Dr. Susanne Stadlbauer

Dr. Susanne Stadlbauer