CfP | Conference "Body Trouble"

The conference "Body Trouble: The Ambivalence of Sex, Gender, and Desire in Religious Discourse" will take place from 10 to 14 March 2014 and is designed as a last meeting of former fellows and faculty of this first period of the KHK consortium on the "Dynamics in the History of Religions between Asia and Europe."

It will address the inherent ambiguity of religious approaches concerning the body in its multiform expressions that render them as ‘myriad bodies,’ which constitute the domain of religious subjects, instruments or mediums for doctrinal exegesis, interpretive and regulatory practices, disciplinary measures, and constructions in terms of sexuality and gender, while equally serving as markers of differentiation between different religious traditions, within the same tradition and between the religious and non-religious spheres.

Following the KHK format we are looking for original case studies drawn from different religious traditions, historical periods and disciplines that address the theme and aims of the conference. If you are interested in participating please submit a brief proposal and title of your presentation (150-200 words) and a short biographical statement of your current affiliation and research interests (100 words) to all three conveners (Alexandra Cuffel, Georgios Halkias, and Ana Echevarria) no later than November 30 for immediate consideration

Download the full call for papers!