Photograph of Prof. Dr. Peter Wick

Prof. Dr. Peter Wick

Chair of New Testament's Theology & Early Christianity

Professor, Chair of New Testament Studies, History of Early Christianity, Department of Protestant Theology

Office Hours

Wed 9-10 h

Areas of Research

Paul, Matthew, Marcus, John, Epistle of Jacob; New Testament and Ancient Mysteries; Ethics of the New Testament und their Relevance for Modern Ethic Discourses; Attractivity through Ethics in the Early Jewry and Early Christianity; Dynamic Embedment of the Early Christianity in Jewry and Hellenism

Member of Research Department of CERES RESEARCH DEPARTMENT

Former Projects and Responsibilities

Project Leader of Attractive Ethics , Attractiveness through Ethics. Interactions between Jewish, Hellenistic-Roman and Christian Ethics in Antiquity , Purity and Impurity in the New Testament with Special Consideration of the "Cleansing of the Temple" and 1 Corinthians and The New Testament and Mystery Religions

RUB Member of Käte Hamburger Kolleg