Conference | Network and Identity: Exchange Relations between China and the World

This week, December 18-20, the Ghent Centre for Buddhist Studies and KHK's Buddhism in Motion jointly convene the international conference "Network and Identity: Exchange Relations between China and the World" at Gent University in Belgium. The conference examines the spread of ideas and practices along the major trade roads between India and Japan, with China in a pivotal position.

The first day of the conference is dedicated to a panel organized and lined up by scholars of the KHK's Buddhim in Motion group. Michael Willis, Jessie Pons, Carmen Meinert, Christoph Anderl, Licia Di Giacinto, Henrik H. Sørensen, and Sven Bretfeld will give talks on "Paradigms of Identity Building in an Emergent Translocal Network of Buddhism in Premodern Asia"

Buddhism in Motion is a research group of the Käte Hamburger Kolleg "Dynamics in the History of Religions" that is investigating processes of religious exchange and transformation in Central Asia. The group meets regularly and presents results at international conferences. It consists of faculty members of Ruhr University's Center for Religious Studies, and researchers and former visiting research fellows of the KHK.