Publication: Wolfgang Ommerborn 'Die rechte Lehre und die falschen Lehren'

Wolfgang Ommerborn's new book on the Confucian concept of jiao employed by scholars of the Qing Dynasty has just been published by projekt verlag. It contains translations of seven yuanjiao texts to German and an introduction. The texts show how Qing dynasty Confucian scholars discuss competing schools of thought and define their specific Confucianism as the right doctrine (zhengjiao). The introduction outlines meaning and usage of the concept jiao in the translated texts and in the context of Chinese intellectual history in general.

Full Title:

Ommerborn, Wolfgang. Die rechte Lehre und die falschen Lehren: Konfuzianische Yuanjiao-Texte der Qing-Zeit [The Right Doctrine and the False Doctrines: Confucian Yuanjiao Texts from the Qing Dynasty]. With the assistance of Pan Ruiming. Bochum: projekt verlag, 2013. ISBN: 978-3-89733-279-9.