Upcoming Workshop: 12th and 13th Century Attempts to Translate Muslim and Jewish Texts into Latin


All interested scholars and students are cordially invited to next week's workshop titled "12th and 13th Century Attempts to Translate Muslim and Jewish Texts into Latin." The workshop is convened by Görge Hasselhoff (Bochum) and Alexander Fidora (Cerdanyola del Vallès) and starts on 19 March at 2 pm.


The following scholars will give presentations:

  • Matthias Tischler (Barcelona)
  • Nicola Polloni (Pavia/Barcelona)
  • Ryan Szpiech (Ann Arbor/Sevilla)
  • Damien Travelletti (Fribourg)
  • Ann Giletti (Rome)
  • Philippe Bobichon (Paris)
  • Daniel Pachurka (Bochum)
  • Alexander Fidora (Cerdanyola del Vallès)
  • Görge Hasselhoff (Bochum)


Starting in Toledo in the 12 century we find a number of attempts of single persons as well as of groups of translators rendering Jewish and Muslim texts into Latin.
The workshop aims at comparing two different places and times of such translations, namely the Toledan (non)school of translations in the 12th century and the Dominican translations by Ramon Martí and the Dominican convent of Barcelona.
These two centres will allow us to examine in detail shifts and changes in translation agendas and strategies on the Iberian Peninsula. One interesting feature of these shifts is the role of the Jews: while in the Arabic-Latin translation project Jews often acted as mediators, in the later translation movement it were their own texts which became the object of translation.

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