image of Twelve Years of Studying Religious Contacts at the KHK: Stepping Back and Looking Ahead

Twelve Years of Studying Religious Contacts at the KHK: Stepping Back and Looking Ahead

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After twelve fruitful years of exploring, discussing, and classifying religious contact phenomena, the research program of the Käte Hamburger Kolleg Dynamics in the History of Religions between Asia and Europe came to its natural end in March 2020.

The KHKʼs final conference “Step Back and Look Beyond: Studying Religion after 2020” has two aims: First, it provides a platform on which to reflect on the KHKʼs achievements, the benefits of its contact-centered approach as well as related challenges. Second, the conference brings together an international group of renowned scholars who will take a step back from their current research and reflect upon the theoretical paradigms and methodological approaches that enrich their own research. The conference thus gives a place to ponder about the ways in which these approaches fit into the general study of religion and its rich history. Will these ways continue to shape the field in the future? What other promising ways to do research on religion are on the horizon? How do such new approaches fit into the field as a whole?

Presentations will either focus on one particular approach or paradigm (and its empirical usage) or reflect on the overall state of the field and its possible future.

Latest version of the conference program here (as of 25 May 2021)

Download the RUB-CERES-KHK Zoom background picture here.

If you would like to join the conference as part of the audience, please contact Maren Freudenberg.


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