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THATcamp (2)

Organizer: Frederik Elwert (KHK postdoc & CERES)

The THATcamp at the IAHR Congress will allow participants to discuss and engage with current developments that are often framed as the “digital humanities.” Because of its open and participatory nature, it will allow to focus on topics and methods that the participants themselves regards as relevant, and not impose a rigid schedule. A website is be set up beforehand in order to collect session proposals. For the same reason, THATcamp spans across multiple Open Sessions in order to allow to discuss a broader range of topics. The event is moderated by Frederik Elwert, but because of the purposely open nature a detailed program cannot at this point be provided, but will develop during the congress.

(panel 28-223 | 134)


Photograph of Prof. Dr. Frederik Elwert

Prof. Dr. Frederik Elwert

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