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Guest Lecture: Translation, Mysterious Others and Transference: Religious Subjectifitications from the Experience of Northeast Japan Disaster


CERES-Palais, room "Dunhuang" (0.12)

Guest lecture presented by Isomae Jun'ichi (Kyoto, Japan)

Six years have past since Northeast Japan was hit by the triple disaster. But people in Northeast Japan have been aching in their hearts, with sadness over the loss of their families and properties and the sense of guilt for their own survival. Their indescribable experiences force us to rethink the theory of religious subjectifications. The process of reglious subjectifications sheds light on the act of translation and transference when we think of our relationship with the dead. The dead becomes the roles of mysterious others in Lacanian sense in order to construct our subjectivity. This talk explains how the experience of the Triple Disaster’s survivors make it possible for us to construct new ways of subjectivity and to theorize unique the characteristics of ‘religious’ subjectification.