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KHK/CERES Computer Café: Mixed Methods Approaches to Metaphor Analysis


CERES Palais, room "Ruhrpott" (4.13)

Metaphors as a form of figurative speech play a special role in religious language: where language lacks the means to talk about the transcendent, metaphors offer the possibility of not remaining speechless. For interreligious contact situations, the metaphor has a double function, since it not only deals with the border to transcendence, but also with the border to the religious other.

In this session of the KHK/CERES Computer Café, interested scholars of religion can inform themselves about current methodological approaches in metaphor research. As guest speakers, Berenike Herrmann (Basel) and Nils Reiter (Stuttgart) will speak on the topic of “Mixed Methods Approaches to Metaphor Analysis: Qualitative and Quantitative Methods for Metaphor Annotation”.


i'm a metaphor flickr photo by jontintinjordan shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license