Apocalypticism-Eschatology-Messianism in a Comparative Perspective


The title of Istvan Perczel was changed: "The Revelations of the Seraphic Gregory (of Edessa) - a Syriac apocalyptic text from India"

The purpose of the workshop is to explore the religious phenomena/speculations dubbed as apocalypticism, eschatology and messianism in different religions. While the three themes can be inter-related, they may also represent three very different types of speculation about quite diverse sets of issues. Thus, papers will focus on subjects that may deal with the 'apocalypse' in the original Greek sense of the term, i.e. a 'revelation', be those revelations of heavenly mysteries, secrets of nature or cosmos, or revelations of the future course of human history, sometimes couched in terms of a political/religious propaganda.  Eschatology, then, usually refers to ideas/texts that predict the 'Last things' before the End of the world. These can be (usually disastrous) natural phenomena that precede the End of the world, again historical events, a succession of kings and/or priests etc., and more often than not such texts include also expectations of a so-called Messiah and/or Anti- Messiah (for example, Armilos, the Antichrist, or the Dajjal in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim traditions respectively).


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