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Research Field 4


The session will consist of two parts. During the first part (4-6 pm), Alexander Henn, Sung-Deuk Oak, Vasilios Makrides and Hüseyin Aguicenoglu  will give a short introduction into their respective research projects, including some statements on how they can relate to the research field's self-defined task to "test" the hypothesis of the emergence of a global religious field in modernity. Some documents relevant to these former discussions of the research field (documentation of RF4, chapters by Peter Beyer) have been uploaded to the CERES web-site and tagged for RF4.

During the second part of our meeting, we will have a general discussion following up on the points brought up during the first part, with the aim of finding common grounds of interest and possibly working out a suitable framework for the cooperation in the year to come.


Affiliated Persons