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Focus Group "Inclusion and Demarcation"


  1. Reaching an understanding regarding the topic and the objectives of the new implemented focus group.
  2. Discussion of literature:
  • Aaron W. Hughes, “Boundary Maintance: Religions as Organic-Cultural Flows. On Thomas Tweed, Crossing and Dwelling (2006)”, in: Contemporary Theories of Religion. A Critical Companion (ed. by Michael Stausberg), London / New York: Routledge 2009, 209–223.
  • Thomas A. Tweed, Crossing and Dwelling. A Theory of Religion, Cambridge (Mass.) / London: Havard University Press 2006, Chap. 2: 29–53; Conclusion: 164–183.
  • Gerd Baumann, “Grammars of Identity / Alterity. A Structural Approach”, in: Grammars of Identity / Alterity. A Structural Approach (ed. by Gerd Baumann and Andre Gingrich), New York / Oxford: Berghahn Books 2004, Chap. 2: 18–50.

You can get the text as copies in the coordination office (SH 1/185) or as files, send by email. Please contact Silke Köster.